Take a look around your master bathroom. How well is it working for you? Does your current vanity have the storage space you need, or could you use more? Are your countertops and sinks crafted from materials that reflect your style and complement the rest of your house or could they use an update? Do you feel relaxed and pampered when you enter your master bath, or are out-of-date lighting fixtures and tight spaces subconsciously making you feel anxious?


Now venture into your guest bathroom. Imagine what message it’s sending your guests: is it sending a warm and welcoming vibe or is it so small that guests feel like they want to exit as quickly as possible? Do its faucets, wall finish or vanity stand out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of your stylish home?


Right after kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations are the most popular remodeling job because of the significant value they can add to your home—not to mention the fact that they can enhance your own enjoyment of your home tremendously. And CVP Design can help turn your outdated or boring bathroom into a luxurious bathroom oasis.

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